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About Pyramind

Pyramind Services Ltd is a company highly specialized in the science and application of Information Systems, Innovation and Marketing, dedicated to the development of hands on business solutions and value added services for its clients at local, regional, national and international level.

Pyramind Services vision is to build upon our efficient business model of integrated services, excellent mix of interests, skills and competences, to create meaningful partnerships and provide high-end business strategy and orientation services to our clients, both public and private and to partner with them in their business endeavours.

R&D Consulting

We have a dynamic and multi-disciplinary team with wide experience in European project management for public administrations, international cooperation, innovation management, business consulting, event organization and training.

Market Research

We offer quantitative, qualitative and secondary research, as well as competitive intelligence studies, to meet the needs of any organization.

ICT Services

We offer ICT solutions tailored made to the customer needs and their expectations providing high value-added services including interactive web applications development, mobile application development (iOS and Android), Information Systems etc.

Strategic Marketing

We can guide the online marketing of products, services, and media to consumers and businesses.


Lines of Code


Apps Designed


E.U. Funding Proposals Submitted



ICT Services

Delivering quality customer services and technical solutions


Development of complex Information Systems using Java, JavaScript, PHP, C, C++, MS SQL, .NET, MATLAB.


User Experience Design Experts to improve the usability, accessibility and enhance the user satisfaction of your website, software or app.


Interactive Web applications development including web-portals, e-learning solutions, e-government solutions, e-shops etc.


Development, performance testing, quality assurance, and publishing of native mobile applications in Android and iOS platforms.


Animated Video production for explaining and promoting a product or service, pitching to investors and social network marketing.


Search Engine Optimization to improve the visibility of your website to your clients including keyword research, key phrase analysis etc.


An adaptive heuristic search algorithm that mimics biological evolution to solve both constrained and unconstrained optimization problems.


Creation of multidimensional databases that are optimized for data warehouse and online analytical processing applications.


Cyber security consulting services to assess software, networks and computer systems for vulnerabilities.

R&D Consulting Services

Our Research & Development Consulting team will use a minimalistic four-step ARDE approach to analyse your firms key competences and provide you with tailored, actionable research funding solutions.


Our subject-matter experts will identify the current state, including strengths, weaknesses, innovation potentials, and funding opportunities. We will listen to your desired state, goals, research interests, limitations, and available resources. Depending on the client and the presenting issue, assessment may be as simple as an informal one-on-one interview, or as complex as a combination of interviews, observations, surveys, brainstorming, focus groups and document analysis.


We will provide you with the results of the assessment, the analysis and recommendations for next steps. These will include innovation potentials to distinguish from competition for you firm, extensive list with funding opportunities in the forthcoming years, identification of potential research partners and collaborators from other countries, cost reduction techniques, and novel marketing strategies.


Following assessment and recommendations, delivery may involve one or more of the following: set up of an internal R&D department in your firm, training, guidance and supervision to submit funding proposals, individual or executive coaching, E.U. Grands monitoring tools recommendation, group coaching, meeting or process facilitation, strategic R&D planning, or even outsourcing the complete R&D activities of your organization to our firm.


An evaluation period will follow delivery, we will keep working with you to determine what results you obtained, and how well those met your goals and expectations. We will create an action plan for next steps so you can expand the novel practices of your firm and continuously grow the R&D activities and partnerships.


Strategic Marketing

Pyramind can help your organization deepen your marketing intelligence with advanced technologies such as eye-tracking, online focus groups, Interactive Data Intelligence (IDI) and online or mobile surveys. You can craft business strategies that will improve your products and services, and even your customer relationships.

We offer a wide range of research services including:

  Market characterization,

  New product development,

  Customer satisfaction & loyalty,

  Competitive intelligence,

  Strategic opportunity assessments,

  Strategic planning.

  Positioning and segmentation,

Market Research

Pyramind Market Research

Pyramind’s Market Research Department combines quantitative market research (statistical analysis, graphs, charts) and qualitative market research (interviews, articles, opinions) to give to your organization a balanced and accurate picture based on specific needs. Our core consulting practices include compelling business cases, competitive landscape & benchmarking, economic forecasting, industry-specific technology solutions, market dynamics, positioning and segmentation, market entry strategies, market sizing estimations, opportunity analysis, portal management and primary interviews.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As part of 2016 Pyramind’s CSR we wanted to support the refugee camps in Greece, which are overpopulated with Syrian immigrants. So we came up with the idea to develop a website where you can Book your Vacation’s or business accommodation from the website www.donateatrip.com in collaboration with booking.com and the commission received is donated for the - solidarity trip of Olivier’s van taking medicine, clothes and food from Normandy (France) to Thessaloniki (Greece) migrants’ camps.

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